Rolo's Sword & Sorcery Campaign

The Silver Eel


The group enters the Eel and head to the bar. Meeting Otto the keep ordering drinks. A band of thugs attack the party.During the battle a loud explosion from the upper levels can be heard. Realizing that Aurora has taken Mitch upstairs.


The group races up the stairs to the top f 5th floor a blase. The bard is the first to reach the room and sees a woman tied to a chair flames all around. The group gets collected and jumps from the 5th floor window. Only to fall like a feather with a whisper from the bard.

A man named Ray has been renting out the bottom floor room for a good month. Ray is quite but has lots of friends and visitors going and going. male human Rog7; CR 7; HD 7d6+7; hp 40; Init 7; Spd 30 ft; AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 18 (3 Dex,4 armor,1 armor enh.); BAB 5; Melee quarterstaff +6 two-handed (1d61), or dagger 6 light (1d4/19-20); Ranged heavy crossbow +10 (1d10/19-20); SA sneak attack +4d6; SQ evasion, uncanny dodge (AC), uncanny dodge (flank); AL CE; SV Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +6; Str 10(0), Dex 17(3), Con 12(1), Int 16(3), Wis 14(2), Cha 8(-1).

Ray has been following Fafard and Vallana. He with the help of Hisven drugged Aere and took her thru the teleportation portal.

Hisvin himself was recently seen at the eel. Scolding Hisven about always playing games of chess with Rays lackeys.

Harlot encounters can be with brazen strumpets or haughty courtesans, thus making ti difficult for the party to distinguish each encounter for what it is. (In fact, the encounter could be with a dancer only prostituting herself as it pleases her, an elderly madam, or even a pimp.) In addition to the offering of the usual fare, the harlot is 30% likely to know valuable information, 15% likely to make something up in order to gain a reward, and 20% likely to be, or with with, a thief. You may find it useful to use the sub-table below to see which sort of harlot encounter takes place:

01-10 Slovenly trull
11-25 Brazen strumpet
26-35 Cheap trollop
36-50 Typical streetwalker
51-65 Saucy tart
66-75 Wanton wench
76-85 Expensive doxy
89-90 Haughty courtesan
91-92 Aged madam
93-94 Wealthy procuress
95-98 Sly pimp
99-00 Rich panderer



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