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We will be following 5ed rules for game play and character development except for the below racial magic considerations. The game most likely will be a 2 parter. 1st part dungeon crawl (Through Ningauble’s Cave/Catacombs of Lankhmar), 2nd part city adventure (the Silver Eel/ Bazaar of the Bizarre). .

Races – players can select any race, but Lankhmar is a human based world. Non-humans who are identified out right in a public setting will be seen as freaks of nature and will potentially be banished or worse.

Black Magic has a way of Corrupting casters. While White Magic creates spell mutations. Powerful Magic and simple magic which causes physical or mental harm could/will create this effect.

White Wizards = Cleric/Paladin and Druids/rangers may learn spells from their respected class class except for Necromancy. Wizards do not need to prepare spells ahead of time. White wizards are alienist in many ways. Taking the physical form of their deity or naturist ways.The abuse of this magic or the constant exposition to it may lead to: stoic personality, pure white eye, random teleportation effects, glowing blue symbols around your body, spasms and several physical mutations such as bluish tentacles of different sizes growing everywhere and useless mouth less and eyeless faces.

Black Wizards/sorcerers May never learn healing or curative spells. Black Wizard are mentally and physically deformed in many ways. Black magic slowly kills the flesh of the mage as surely as it kills the soul. Flesh dies and withers, even though it remains functional it has died long ago

Black Warlocks can only learn warlock spells.The abuse of this magic or the constant exposition to it may lead to Addiction to the power pulsing in your veins, many insanity effects, visions of dead timelines and physical mutations such as multiple useless limbs (Legs, arms, wings etc..) And green eyes of different sizes growing around your body.

So what are the game implications of magic?

It takes a long rest to regain spell slots.

Cantrips can only be used 3 times per short rest. All spell slots take a full rest to recover.

Be careful of the side effects of repetitive or powerful magic use. Magic comes at a price.

Wizards will want to set up in a secure place before casting.

No one will be walking around in public and throwing spells.

Wizards are forced to prepare and plan.

PC magic will be more behind the scenes and not in the middle of combat, unless the combat comes to the PC.

The following spells have been limited.
Find traps/Detect magic/disease/poison/thoughts/locate object have a range of 1/2 inch per level of spell slot expended.
Detect evil/good spell/abilities do not exist.
No raised dead- when your dead your dead

There is no limit on how powerful magic can be.

The following is a guide only Lankhmar CAMPAIGN HOUSE RULEBOOK

LUCK DICE = Inspiration pts. DM intrusions


In a moment of danger or crisis, a player who currently has at least one luck die can ask you, Can I roll a luck dice?" then rolls a six-sided dice. For each 5 or 6 that the player rolls on the luck dice, something lucky happens to the character. The more 6’s that show up, the more spectacular the outcome.

Miracles are possible! For example, in a fiery tavern battle, an attacker uses the luck dice, hits and gets one 5 or 6 on a luck dice. The villain happens to slip and fall, giving the hero a chance to escape or get a free attack. Exploding 6’s could mean that a burning beam falls on the villain, knocking him out.With continued exploding 6’s the whole building could fall over to one side, trapping the villain in the rubble and leaving the hero untouched in the open air! The outcome once the luck dice have been rolled, is completely up to the DM. (However, once you have permitted the roll, you should always have the outcome be spectacular.)

Lucky Breaks

Failed die rolls rarely spell the demise of a hero. Rather, the results are dramatic advantages or disadvantages the hero suffers. Jumping across a chasm and failing a Dexterity check results in the hero hanging on by his fingertips and not immediately falling to his doom. A character accidentally trips in the midst of a fight as a deadly blow whistles by overhead, possibly snipping off a few locks of hair. On the other hand, misfortune also plagues heroes when they’re doing well, because it adds to the drama. Coincidences and luck, both good and bad, are extreme.

Bad Breaks

Occasionally, when a attack rolls a critical hit (a natural 20 on an Attack Roll), the a defender with a luck dice might manage to parry the blow anyway, with the end result causing both characters to drop their swords . Each character must then dive for their weapons so they can resume their fight, or possibly fight each other hand-to-hand

CRITS!!!! Get-Over-Here.jpg

When a natural 20 is rolled double damage + Critical Hits % chance = AC- attack roll. For example defenders ac is 15. Attack roll natural 20 (+5 over ac) + 5 attacker bonus will create a 10% chance out of 100% for a critical roll on the chart. This roll can be impacted by luck dice 1%-6%*.

Rolling 2 consecutive 1 on a attack/spell will create a complication /fumble !!!!



Spell Casting Fumbles (working document) Roll 1d10 and add one per point of the spell. This indicates which table to now roll on.
Result Fumble Table

Table (i)

2-7 Table (ii)
8-12 Table (iii)
13-23 Table (iv)
24-32 Table (v)
33+ Table (vi)

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